6 Safe and Top Rated Online GamesĀ 

Canadian gamblers would always be on the path of constantly making decisions before they end up having an exhilarating time playing a waging game at a trustworthy site. Once you've determined the site to play in, the next thing that will haunt you is for you to find out the top rated online games in the industry, that can be considered safe for you to play with. As a wager, you'll surely think of profit as one of the prime goals why you engaged in waging, unless you're one of those who are extremely rich. Regardless of what category you belong in, there's no doubt that you'll want to have a fun and exhilarating time as you bet. This can only be guaranteed if you are able to play with a trustworthy game. Here are some of the games that you'll surely be more than happy to try out for yourself.


A simple search would surely let you realize that the popularity of online slots in the waging industry today is unparalleled. It's basically one of the games that majority of wagers look for. There's no doubt that you may have already seen this kind of game before. The mechanics is pretty simple as you would just have to set your bet per reel, pull the lever and wait for Lady Luck to smile upon you. The house edge of the game can range from 2% up to a whopping 10%, depending on the game and the site you're playing in. However, this does not diminish the fact that it's one of the highly diverse game out there that you'll surely be able to play hours with. In fact, it also has one of the biggest payouts when you play progressive jackpot games and there are even free spins bonuses exclusive to this game.


If you're looking for top rated online games that can be considered 'safe' for wagers, Blackjack is the table game for you. It's the safest for your finance, as the house edge can go as low as a whopping 1.5%. With this kind of advantage, there's simply a higher chance for you to win. Not to mention, the game itself is a game of skill and luck. As long as you play your cards right, imbue a certain strategy as you play the game - there's no doubt that you'll be on the losing end of each round against the dealer.


When it comes to game relying on luck, Roulette is one of the most popular and could even stand on par with slot games, if not exceed it. You just have to pick the number of your bet and simply hope that the ball lands on it later. You may think that the chances of winning are pretty small but, with a house edge of 2.5%, it is still something that you should put into consideration.


Games today are becoming more complex - even online slots. If you are looking for that straightforward game, nothing would fit the description better than Baccarat. Just by betting between a tie, the player or the banker - you'll be good to bet and wait for the results. It certainly can't be any simpler than this.


If you like lottery, then you'll surely be a fan of Keno. It's basically the same as any other lottery you can find but, it's something that you can enjoy in a web-based waging establishment. At the same time, you would have to choose from a bigger set of number - 1 to 80.


You'll see it in many establishments and some even play it on their homes - this only goes to show just how big of a game Bingo is. The game involves having a card of numbers and you would have to match those numbers in different arrangements, based on what the person in charge would announce.