Bingo VS Keno: Which Game Presents Better Odds for Players?

Keno and Bingo have good odds and are popular games in casinos all over the world. Both games are simple and players only have a few rules they should memorize in order to become competent players. Fresh players in the casino begin with such easy games before moving on to conquer more complex games such as blackjack, poker, and Baccarat.

Keno and Bingo have lots of similarities when viewed at a glance. They involve randomized numbers that are picked in a draw. As such, both games' winning odds are almost the same. Players win or lose the game by trying to match numbers on their tickets with the numbers resulting from the draw.

How the Two Games Differ

Few differences exist when the finer details of the two games are scrutinized. Below are a few distinctions between them.

The Origin

Keno was originally played in China and is much older having been played about more than 3000 years ago. The Chinese ruler at that time devised the game as a creative way of raising funds to arm the country's war chest without raising taxes for the citizens.

Bingo has origins in Italy during the 16th century. Developed purely for leisure, draws still take place in Italy to date.

How Numbers Are Chosen

Keno gives players a chance to pick up to 20 numbers on their ticket. They can then place different bets on those numbers, divide the numbers into sets to place bets on the sets, or vary the amount placed on the numbers. Tickets can be valid for multiple rounds.

Players participate in this game by purchasing a ticket sold at a set price. The ticket comes with numbers already selected. Players are allowed to purchase multiple tickets to increase their chances of winning. Each ticket is only valid for one game.


Keno has straight bet and way bet options for players;

  • Straight bets give the players a chance to place the amount of money they wish to wager on numbers. The numbers have to be selected before each round. Lower and high limits of the amounts that can be placed on bets depend on the casino.
  • Way Bets allow players to place bets on a set of numbers from the 20 total allowed numbers. This means they get a chance to win even if selected numbers from their set feature in the draw.

This game pays out bets to players who have tickets with numbers that match the drawn numbers. Validity for payouts depends on how many numbers match.

Odds of Winning

The odds of matching 20 numbers out of a 20 spot ticket in Keno are very low. That is why jackpot wins in casinos are paid out for 17 matching numbers or more. Prizes are also paid for matching lower numbers.

Bingo has better chances for players to win. Each valid ticket holds equal odds. The possibilities decrease or increase according to the number of participants.

Try Out Simple Casino Games Today

Both these games with good chances are good for beginners. They allow players to get accustomed to the casino environment and practice how to handle wins and possible losses. Before wagering, take time to learn how the games are played and collect useful tips to increase your chances of making real money.